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Work Table VixPuppyLow010 ⋆ Office furniture in Ho Chi Minh City. Ha Noi City. Da Nang City. Furniture Company in Vietnam. Office Chair, Office Desk, Sofa Chair.

Work Table VixPuppyLow010


VixFurniture specializes in supplying and manufacturing OFFICE FURNITURE, durable, beautiful and affordable. With the spirit of bringing the best products to customers. VixFurniture is very pleased to accompany our customers.

COLOR Jet black

Puppy study table/desk with traditional, basic design. Including drawers, upper and lower bookshelves to bring convenience to users. In addition, with the power hole design on the tabletop, you can easily use electrical equipment and laptops without fear of exposing the power line causing unsightly.

With an iron frame design with easy-to-assemble tabletop boards, convenient packaging for transportation, Puppy is the right choice for young active families.

Product code: SKU 210000009

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS W840 x D570 x H900 (mm)
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