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Ergonomic office chair VFJO-823


Ergonomic office chair VFJO-823  with modern design and is a high-end product of VixFurniture imported directly from abroad.

  • Product code: VFJO-823
  • Material: mesh fabric mattress, swivel legs, PP plastic
  • Color : Black , White Gray
  • Status: In stock

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Ergonomic office chair VFJO-823 with Headrest VFJO-823 with modern design and is a high-class product of VixFurniture Furniture imported directly from abroad.

It is one of the best-selling chair models in the Office Chair Collection

Ergonomic office chair VFJO-823

Ergonomic office chair VFJO-823

The leg structure of this chair is made of chrome-plated steel, which will help you feel more secure when using it. The 5 legs are attached with 5 wheels to make it more convenient to slide to any location in the office. Office Interior design in VietNam

Ergonomic office chair VFJO-823

Ergonomic office chair VFJO-823

And more specifically, with this Office Chair, you can simply raise or lower the height of the chair to find the most comfortable position when working.

Regarding the overall material of  the Reclining Office Chair , we can easily recognize that it is covered with mesh fabric, creating a soft and stress-free feeling when we sit.

List details about Chair product parameters

Manufacturer : VixFurniture
Code  VFJO-823
Material : Swivel chair, mesh back, PP plastic legs, can recline
Color :  White Gray , Black
Origin: Imported
Size (cm): 70 cm x 70 cm x 48-56cm ( 116-124cm)

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Warranty policy: VixFurniture warranty products quickly, Products warranty 12 months as listed.

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