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Ergonomic Chair VFK80G


Ergonomic Chair VFK80G Imported and distributed at VixFurniture 

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Ergonomic Chair VFK80G against back pain when working with leg rests is an ergonomic chair line that is highly appreciated by many experts. protect users’ health, limit office diseases. The mesh back swivel chair is suitable for hot summer weather, creating a cool and comfortable feeling for the person sitting, forgetting the stuffiness, improving work productivity. This is one of the most popular office chairs today.

Information of Ergonomic Chair Against Back Pain When Working With Legs Up:

Ergonomic Chair VFK80G is imported and distributed by VixFurniture

Ergonomic Chair VFK80G

Ergonomic Chair VFK80G

Ergonomic Chair VFK80G

✅Design Ergonomic Design. Good for health
✅Size Width: 64cm x Depth: 70cm x Height: 116-126cm
✅Back of chair Breathable mesh combined with a flexible plastic frame to support the waist to fit the body -> prevent back pain.
✅Armrests 3D armrest can be raised and lowered, freely adjusted to suit your needs, soft TPU palm rest
✅Rotating bowl 3-function rotating bowl, with height-adjustable handle and recline fixed latch, large recline angle up to 130 degrees
✅Material The plastic frame supports the high-quality mesh back, anti-heat and anti-mold -> A smooth and comfortable sitting feeling.
✅Function Consumer Health Standards -> recommended by leading Chiropractic experts and Physiotherapists.
✅Chair leg 33cm . wide aluminum alloy star base

Product Description:

– Office chair The structure is seamless, square head with wide headrest to help the head and shoulders relax after a long time working. The cervical vertebrae will have a comfortable support.

– The back of the chair is designed with a slight curvature suitable for the human frame, along the vertebral frame, helping to protect the spine and scientific sitting posture.

– The armrests are made of chrome-plated steel and covered with black PVC plastic to prevent termites and slip after a long time of use

– The 5-sided swivel chair legs are solid, solid, meticulously machined from stainless chromium-plated steel, vibration and extremely good resistance to high loads. Nylon plastic wheels move quickly, keep balance and good noise resistance.

– The seat is lined with thick cushions, lined with mesh fabric, creating comfort and smoothness for the occupants. The mesh design helps to ventilate the back and hips, reducing stress after a long time working.

– Hydraulic lever makes it easy to go up and down to suit each height of the table as well as the height of the user.

– The chair uses a type of 1 wheel with a function. Lock fixed 1 working position, adjust the height – low and pull back the monolithic reclining lever for extreme relaxation.

– The head chair is often combined with a wooden desk, creating a luxury for the working space.

Ergonomic Chair VFK80G

Ergonomic Chair VFK80G

Why Should You Study Ergonomic Chair For Home Office?

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Ergonomic Chair VFK80G

Ergonomic Chair VFK80G

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