About VixFurniture

VixFuniture is a member of DVHGroup – the design and industrial construction company in Vietnam. VixFurniture specializes in furniture construction design with the ultimate core service packages. Bringing real values which include humanity and responsibility to customers is important to us. All values lead to firm development target and long-term comparative advantage. 

1. About VixFurniture

Our desire is creating ideal living and workspaces for Vietnamese, VixFurniture is established and is doing our mission. We have been getting the firm position with core modern furniture products, professional service in the furniture market, being a prestige business partner of domestic as well as Southeast Asia enterprises. We are proud of the clients’ first choice.  



VixFurniture is a member of the DVHGroup that specializes in 

– Consulting and industrial construction design, residence.  

– Producing, consulting, designing, and setting up solar equipment. 

– Designing, decorating, making furniture, and interior office.

– Designing and building electrically powered and consumer products.

– Consulting and investing finance.

VixFurniture has been completing more than 2800 projects in Vietnam for a long time. We do a lot of the small and big scale projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi as well as in other provinces such as Dongnai, Binhduong, Binhthuan, Khanh Hoa. We have been received great praise from the customers.  

2. Core value

VixFurniture has been building and developing a real value that is dedicated to customer’s satisfaction, trust, and practical benefits. Hence, each of our products and services is always contained humanity and high responsibility. We focus on 5 core values:



– Prestige

– Devotion and profession.

– Constant creation and innovation

– Effective commissions. 

– Sharing

3. Vission and mission

3.1 Vission:

Basing on the real values, our target is building the VixFuniture brand to become Vietnam’s leading industrial construction and design unit. Furthermore, VixFurniture’s projects will adapt to the customers’ requirements in Southeast Asia and over the world.


3.2 Mission:

With the firm foundation, VixFurniture has been improving the product quality and services to carry well our dream as well as our mission: creating ideal space for Vietnamese in order to build the handy and healthy business market for developing Vietnam’s economy.

4. Behavior culture

4.1 With employees

We concentrate on setting a civilized, modern, friendly environment so that each employee is freely creating and showing their best power. We comprehend that our success is based on the employees’ effort.

VixFurniture has been building and improving wage and benefits policy that is worthy of the employees. Basing on the completed fairness and competitiveness, each employee is always facilitated best to develop and do their desire. It is always fair that no one is received preference while working in VixFurniture. 



4.2 With shareholders and investors

VixFurniture has been establishing cooperation – fair – respect – publicity orientation. We commit to protect shareholders’ and investors’ benefits; inform management situation and business activities and obey the law. All activities are open and clear for parties’ benefit. 

4.4 With business partners and customers

The business partners and customers are VixFuture’s center of gravity because our goal is bringing the real values for the partners and customers. The customers’ and business partners’ benefits are the first condition in our company as well. So, partners and customers can be totally satisfied with our products’ and services’ quality. 

4.5 With our competitors

Competitiveness is necessary relation in doing business. VixFurniture always siders our competitors as the teachers as well as the motivation to improve our abilities. Therefore, we make a gentle relation with competitors to learn and complete ourselves to bring customers our high-end products and services.


5. Vixfurniture and community

As a member in the community, contributing to the community is one of our goals. we usually do community activities such as donating for the environment protection fund, creating green eco-environment projects, launching volunteer plans for employees, …

Basing on firm orientation and power, VixFurniture has been continuing to do more for our goals and mission. Although we meet many difficulties in building our brand name in the market, we will try our best for customers’ real benefits. It is our firm commission.