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Vietnam’s leading customized CONCRETE FURNITURE MANUFACTURER can supply various high quality & customized concrete furniture products with innovation in design and quality workmanship – Committed to satisfying fastidious customers around the world


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Vix Furniture has been serving the toughest markets of the world in concrete furniture. Our company has affirmed trust with customers in 4 key markets: USA, England, Australia and Netherlands. By non-stop efforts, we are still on a journey to expand and conquer other markets in the world.

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How to choose a beautiful office desk? REVIEWED BY VIX FURNITURE

A beautiful office desk helps to create your working day more efficient and productive. On the contrary, if you choose the wrong desk, it can cause a lot of...

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Criteria for choosing standard office furniture by VIX FURNITURE Unit

Office furniture is an essential thing that all companies, enterprises are especially concerned about. Because if you own professional and modern furniture, it can make an impression on the...

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5+ Prestigious Addresses to buy office desks in Ha Noi City

Office desks in Ha Noi City is an important issue that all companies, offices, or enterprises concern. The criteria for each unit for me to choose is quite critical....

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How to choose a reputable supplier of office furniture in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, the business expansion and the establishment of offices is increasing rapidly. Therefore, the search for a reputable supplier of office furniture in Ho Chi Minh City is of...

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Notes when choosing an office design company in Da Nang

Over the past few years,  Da Nang is increasingly developing economically and socially, attracting a lot of investors. Therefore, offices in the city are invested a lot. To ensure...

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Bad issues of interior design offices in Ho Chi Minh City

Although there are many office interior design services in Ho Chi Minh city, many problems with interior design offices in this area make enterprises annoyed. Let us find out...

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Notes on office interior design in Hanoi

Interior design is an essential job since that optimizes space and provides aesthetic to offices in Hanoi. However, office interior design is a fundamentally complicated job, it is difficult...

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Important criterias for choosing office interior design services in Binh Duong

Office interior design is a popular service and it brings many significant benefits to people in Binh Duong. Nowadays, there are various service suppliers, so customers can easily access...

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Learning about the office interior design service in Dong Nai

In Dong Nai, office interior design is becoming popular and drawing customers’ attention. What are its characteristics? What benefits can clients get from it? The following tips in this...

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