+ Customers can return the purchased product within 15 days from the date of receiving the product (based on the delivery note)

  • Terms and Conditions:

+ For products not in the scope of exchange: Unused products with intact stamps, packages and purchase vouchers provided by Vixfurniture

+ For products under the scope of return: Products with vouchers confirming customers have bought goods at Vixfurniture(VAT invoice, delivery note, delivery note)

+ In all cases of goods return, if Vixfurniturehas issued VAT invoices to the customer, the customer is responsible for refunding the VAT invoice (for individual customers), issuing VAT invoices to accurately refund Products that need to be exchanged for Vixfurniture(for corporate or corporate customers). If the customer does not refund or issue VAT invoice for an exchange-pay product, Vixfurniturehas the right to cancel the invoice for an exchange-pay product.

  • Scope of returns & changes:

+ The product is not as posted.

+ The product the customer received is not correct with the order.


  • Products under promotions / discounts; showing product
  • New product but more than 15 days from the date of receipt.
  • Project products.


  • Delivery of replacement products or refunds for exchanged products can only commence after Vixfurniture has completed a verification of the product returned by the Customer.
  • Product evaluation examination time: 02 working days from the date Vixfurniture informs the customer that Vixfurniture has received the product back.
  • Customer care department will notify the customer for the best product exchange and delivery time.
  • Refund time: after 07 days from the date Vixfurniture completes product evaluation.
  • Warranty can be agreed by Vixfurniture and the Customer in special cases, or force majeure circumstances.


  • Warranty: Vixfurniture pays all delivery and installation costs to complete product warranty for Customers.
  • Return: Customers pay shipping fee to the place of exchange as regulated by Vixfurniture.