Ergonomic Chair VFT99 - Ergonomic office chair in Vietnam

Ergonomic Chair VFT99




Ergonomic Chair VFT99 has a modern and elegant design covered with cool mesh fabric. The chair is popularly used as an office chair for directors, department heads, company employees. With smart design and outstanding features to bring comfort to users, creating a professional-class workspace.

Ergonomic Chair VFT99

Ergonomic Chair VFT99

The product is refined from appearance to quality inside and is an outstanding chair in the high-end chair segment, possessing excellent leather quality, luxurious colors suitable for all spaces from offices, companies. to a private house.

– Design to protect the spine, Good for health

– Piston adjusts the height of the seat, meeting American BIFMA standards.

– Environmentally friendly ABS plastic back frame. Backrest, headrest covered with high quality mesh fabric. Plastic lumbar support cushion adjusts the height and low, hugging the back of the person sitting.

– 3D armrest can be raised and lowered to adjust the height, push up and down to suit the table design

– Neck support suitable for the body, anti-fatigue in the neck and shoulders

– Seat cushion with high-density profiled foam, upholstered in high-quality mesh fabric

– The seat wheel has a 145-degree reclining mechanism, a fixed lock in 1 position

– Environmentally friendly ABS plastic chair legs. Durable, shock-resistant PU plastic wheels

Ergonomic Chair VFT99

Ergonomic Chair VFT99

Benefits when buying VFT99 Ergonomic Chair at VixFurniture:

  • Quality assurance for every product
  • Competitive price
  • Attentive and dedicated staff
  • Fast shipping and delivery, on time
  • Lifetime warranty

As a leading supplier of imported office furniture in Vietnam, VixFurniture is confident to bring quality and affordable products to customers and partners. Besides, VixFurniture always strives to improve products and services to help customers have the most perfect experience.

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