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Ergonomic Chair VF-X6


Ergonomic Chair VF-X6 Imported and distributed at VixFurniture

+ The chair has 2 colors: White Gray & White Black

Seat size: 63*40*92cm.
Seat weight: 6 kg.
Box size: 62*32*65cm.
Box weight: 7 kg.

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Ergonomic Chair VF-X6 is designed according to the Ergonomics Design feature with good effects and health enhancement, adjusting the height of the chair to increase or decrease in accordance with the height standards of Vietnamese people, whether male or female. can be used comfortably.

The chair is specially used for customers who care about the health of their spine and when they have to work continuously for a long time. With the most advanced Ergonomic feature, the chair can fully adjust its performance to suit the user, helping to reduce and prevent diseases such as back pain, aches, and spinal misalignment.

Material & Features

With the outstanding feature of the chair is a synchronous backrest system, accompanied by a 135-degree tilt mechanism, a Regal design cushion that covers the entire back, easily adjustable to help prevent back pain and fatigue. The VF-X6 features a curved backrest to conform to the spine and an adjustable backrest and seat mesh that reduces pressure on these areas and feels remarkably comfortable.

Plus, one of the main advantages of mesh is its porous surface that helps ventilate the skin during the hot summer months. Mesh fabric helps to breathe, reduce heat and humidity of Vietnam’s typical climate, smooth and easy to clean when needed. These ventilation properties help the VF-X6 mesh seat get air circulation into the skin and prevent chafing and discomfort when customers sit continuously for long periods of time.

Ergonomic Chair VF-X6

Ergonomic Chair VF-X6

Ergonomic Chair VF-X6 With many smart features

The VF-X6 chair has a smart folding arm feature, which can be raised and lowered easily, suitable for the user’s arm length and posture, reducing tension and muscle fatigue. The handle design can be raised and lowered 90 degrees, so it is easy to fold close to the desk, helping to save space in the workplace.

Backrest with a classic style often seen, this is one of the features most found on high-end ergonomic chairs from VixFurniture, the headrest will be suitable for people working in the office block, helping to recline and rest during noon.

Ergonomic Chair VF-X6 with comfortable reclining mode

Ergonomic Chair VF-X6 with comfortable reclining mode

The headrest design automatically lifts and lowers according to the needs of the user, adjusting the angle up to 25 degrees. The back of the butterfly wings is raised and lowered according to the back vertebrae to adjust the sitting posture to work properly. The base is made of high-quality aluminum, monolithic casting and covered with white / black plastic. Enhance the feeling of lightness and flexibility of the chair, but the durability is no need to worry.

Reasons to choose office chair VF-X6

VF-X6 White Color of the chair is modern, modern, elegant, elegant, highly aesthetic, enhancing the user’s performance and health, creating a sense of comfort during work, lifting and lifting. High ability to work for long time and increase health. Manson’s high-end products are now sold in most developed countries around the world and are highly appreciated for both design, features and exquisite finishing quality.

With an affordable price that offers maximum physical comfort, it will result in greater work efficiency and productivity. High end office chair

VF-X6 is the solution for current office health problems such as: spinal degeneration, disc herniation, neck – shoulder – neck pain, ….

VF-X6 is the perfect choice for customers who prefer luxury, durability, modernity and maximum support for the back and spine.

Important details of the Ergonomic Chair VF-X6

Important details of the Ergonomic Chair VF-X6



Benefits of buying Ergonomic Chair VF-X6 at VixFurniture

  • Quality assurance for every product
  • Competitive price
  • Attentive and dedicated staff
  • Fast shipping and delivery, on time
  • Lifetime warranty

As a leading supplier of imported office furniture in Vietnam, VixFurniture is confident to bring quality and affordable products to customers and partners. Besides, Takara always strives to improve products and services to help customers have the most perfect experience.

If you have a need to own office furniture in general and ergonomic office chair VF-X6 in particular, please contact VixFurniture for the fastest advice and support.

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