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VIFlexispot EN1 auto-adjusting workbench (Standard Plus, 2 Stages) ⋆ Office furniture in Ho Chi Minh City. Ha Noi City. Da Nang City. Furniture Company in Vietnam. Office Chair, Office Desk, Sofa Chair.

VIFlexispot EN1 auto-adjusting workbench (Standard Plus, 2 Stages)

7,800,000₫ 9,600,000₫

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The Adjustable Furniture is designed and manufactured in China and distributed by VixFurniture.

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The Flexispot (Standard+, 2 Stages) automatic height-adjusting workbench is a workbench designed with advanced ergonomics in mind, following BIFMA’s highest standards. The FlexiSpot height-adjustable workbench offers smoother, more stable, quieter operation than other branded desks.

The powder-coated metal frame can be adjusted to a custom width from 110cm – 180cm, so even if you want to upgrade your desk, you can still take advantage of this great table frame without having to replace the new one. is different.

The FlexiSpot(Premim 2 Stages) height-adjustable standing desk uses a T-Frame leg design.

Quiet and smooth operation

The mechanism of raising and lowering by dual motors (Dual Motors) helps the table operate smoother and quieter. Higher stability, minimizing noise when performing the height lifting.


Low noise:  The electric motor works when switching between sitting <-> standing, working extremely quiet, ensuring you never disturb others in the same room.

Smooth motion:  Smooth motion ensures your computer monitor and other desktop accessories stay seated on the table when moved up or down – it’s so smooth that even your drink gets stuck. pour!


Advanced universal tuning keyboard


Sit/stand reminder system


Built-in smart reminder system for when you should sit/stand, it will let you know when it’s time to stand and can be turned on or off at any time to suit your work habits. Dear.


Programmable memory presets


Programmable memory with three (03) height levels (M1, M2, M3), you can save time adjusting the height of the desk to suit your body shape when sitting, standing and working. . With the push of a button, the desk automatically adjusts to its preferred working position.


Energy-saving display


The exact height of the displayed tabletop will automatically darken to reduce power consumption, extend the life of the led bulb and reduce your attention while working.


The standing desk frame has a custom width from 85cm – 130cm. 

Suitable for countertops with a width of  1000 – 1600mm .

Flexible leg space thanks to a design that eliminates horizontal bracing while remaining stable.

Clever design that eliminates crossbars provides more flexible legroom, so you can use other activity-enhancing solutions like treadmill/bicycle chair with height-adjustable stand your.


Smart wire hiding system


We’ve designed a spacious groove inside the height-adjustable stand’s frame so you can organize all your power cords and cables and enjoy a tidy desk.

Powerful, stable and maneuverable 

Height-adjustable standing desk legs

The super-rigid table frame helps the entire stand to maintain stability even at its highest height at 1250mm.


Height-adjustable stand makes the table more stable

Very useful in cases where the height-adjustable workbench is placed on an uneven floor.



High-end sit-stand table legs


Table top options: 

Size Material Colour Price when buying with
table frame
600mm*1200mm An Cuong MDF wood resists moisture White Melanin / Black Melanin / Oak Wood Melanin / Walnut Melanin. 700,000 VND
700mm*1400mm An Cuong MDF wood resists moisture White Melanin / Black Melanin / Oak Wood Melanin / Walnut Melanin. 900,000 VND
800mm*1600mm An Cuong MDF wood resists moisture White Melanin / Black Melanin / Oak Wood Melanin / Walnut Melanin. 1,200,000 VND
700mm*1400mm High-strength bamboo wood
(Premium Bamboo)
Natural bamboo wood color 1,900,000 VND
800mm*1600mm High-strength bamboo wood
(Premium Bamboo)
Natural bamboo wood color 2,400,000 VND

Model Premium 2 Stages Function
Engine No. (Motor) Single motors
Iron leg design 2 Stages
Location memory 03 positions ✅Flexible in use
Adjustable pitch 700mm – 1200mm ✅Suitable for people 150cm and above.
Suitable table top size Width: 500 – 800mmLength: 1000 – 1600mm ✅The table frame can match and can fit well with any table top. Make your workspace more comfortable.
Table legs design T-Frame ✅Legs stand in the middle.
Table frame load 70 Kgs ✅Feel free to put all your computers and other items on the desk.
Up and down speed 1 inch/s – (2.54 cm/s)
Noise level when operating <50 DB ✅Low noise, does not affect the concentration of people around.
Trademark Flexispot (USA) ✅#1 Best Seller on Amazon
Origin Made in China
Insurance 24 months