Notes when choosing an office design company in Da Nang

Notes when choosing an office design company in Da Nang

Over the past few years,  Da Nang is increasingly developing economically and socially, attracting a lot of investors. Therefore, offices in the city are invested a lot. To ensure aesthetics and fully meet the needs of use, hiring an office design company in Da Nang is a great choice.

An ideal workspace will motivate employees to be creative and increase productivity. However, it is not easy to choose the right office design company in Da Nang. Here is the useful information for your choice. 

Why should you find a reputable office design company in Da Nang before construction?

Reasons for investment funds

The office design company provides an important process in the construction, they will calculate the layout in your office properly and help avoid many costs in the future. With a design cost of only 20 to 30 million, this is a small fee compared to the construction amount of about 2 billion. This amount of money only accounts for 3-5% of the construction value. 

Smart investment

Smart investment

This is a perfectly acceptable number compared to wasting money in the process of constructing inaccurate and careful calculations. It can be said that this number is too small compared to the number that has to be adjusted later due to a construction error.

Time savings

When preparing to build an office, you will certainly spend a lot of time calculating, preparing funds, raw materials, materials, labor, etc. 

So why don’t you spend a small amount of money to let a reputable office design company do this for you? Thus, the construction process will be guaranteed to be more accurate and consistent than calculated by you or the team of workers.

Time savings

Time savings

Ensure aesthetics and creativity

Customers all want a beautiful and unique office to impress everyone. This is hard for customers to do on their own.

When hiring an office design department, they will create unique building blocks to ensure the beauty of the architectural style. 

Although you can find samples of beautiful offices online, it is difficult to calculate the proportions and details displayed in the template and you cannot tailor them to your wishes.

Ensure aesthetics and creativity

Ensure aesthetics and creativity

Texture guarantee

Without careful calculations to give the right solution by a reputable office design company, the structure cannot guarantee the stability of the office. Structural defects during construction can cause problems after a period of use and you have to spend more money to repair and strengthen them.

Re-reinforcement not only takes time and money but also takes a lot of effort.

Texture guarantee

Texture guarantee

Serving the construction process

When there are construction technical documents, the construction process will become simpler and easier. When there is a construction team that can read drawings, the construction process will be very simple and quick to help investors save time.

In addition, the agreement on the construction plan will not lead to disputes or differences between the owner and the construction team.

Ensure harmony

This is the harmony of the elements of aesthetics, performance and feng shui. The office design company can suggest a design plan that suits your needs while ensuring the beauty, feng shui and performance.

A reputable office design company in Da Nang will ensure harmony of the office

A reputable office design company in Da Nang will ensure harmony of the office

Overview of reputable architectural design companies in Da Nang

  • There are many Da Nang office design firms that can be as diverse or specialized as needed, for example, interior and exterior or include both interior and exterior for you to choose from.  There are hundreds of office design firms, including reputable and high-quality companies, but also young, inexperienced and incompetent ones. Therefore, before hiring a reputable office design company in Da Nang, you should consider all aspects.
  • On the website of the office design company, there will be many design works. You just need to visit all these items to understand the variety of products in general and professional architectural styles.
  • A very common feature is that many reputable architectural design firms in Da Nang hire young architects or just students as designers, they have limited knowledge and experience. They offer a unit price cheaper than the market (about 60-70, 000 VND / m2), but attract many people to choose. 

The technical profile is not perfect, there are many mistakes and the quality cannot be guaranteed like when choosing a beautiful architectural design company in Da Nang with a higher price. Although there are many companies, it is not easy to find a good design company, so you cannot choose arbitrarily.

How to find a reputable office design company in Da Nang?

Evaluate the scale, experience of human resources and facilities of the office design company in Da Nang

Company personnel structure: A reputable office design company will have a clear and complete personnel structure.

Quantity, scale and facilities of the office design company:

  • Choose an office design company in Da Nang with relatively rich human resources to ensure quick and scientific work. Some companies have only 5 to 6 employees, but some companies have 20 employees. You can judge part of their professionalism also by the number of employees.
  • Facility assessment: Reputable office design firms will invest in more facilities, such as computers, furniture, printers, office size, air conditioning, etc.

Assess the ability and experience of the architect team of the office design company

If it is a new company, the company will not have much experience. To understand if the company is experienced and has been in business for a long time, check the projects which the company has designed. If there is a diverse office architecture, it is a professional office design firm.

Assess the ability and experience of the office design company in Da Nang

Assess the ability and experience of the office design company in Da Nang

Assess the ability of the office design company in Da Nang through scientific research

  • A professional office design company will work according to the following process:

Communicating, consulting => signing a contract => Setting up a functional ground according to the needs of the business => building a 3D perspective view for the business to visualize the architecture of the office => sending the perspective to the customer and choose the final perspective => Add technology to the façade and section => build structure and arrange water and electricity for the project => complete sketch => print and hand over to the customer.

  • The office design company will sign the contract, you should carefully read the contract before signing the contract.

The standard building structure

The composition of the profile including the main sections: architecture, structure, electricity and water is presented on more than 100 copies of A3 size paper:

  •  Cover: includes overall perspective, angle perspective, live perspective
  • Architectural part: a total plan for positioning features on the ground, internal plan, opening to each ground, roof, ground, ceiling, etc.
  • Structural parts include foundation plan, foundation details, wall brace, water tank, septic tank, floor beam, reinforcement statistics, roof floor, floor structure diagram and other drawings, sketches of construction works. A reputable office design company. You will understand the details of structural members and know how to choose reinforcement materials, foundation and roof solutions, etc.

Electricity and water system

  • Electrical: ceiling lights, wall lights, socket areas, power supply principles, installation details, location of lightning poles on the roof, and so on.
  • Water: water supply plan of the floor, drainage ground on all floors, drainage ground on the roof, water supply and drainage diagram, statistical table…
The standard building structure

The standard building structure

Evaluate the product quality of the office design company in Da Nang by referring to completed projects

Products of the office design company on the web will include drawings and photographs, such as perspective drawings, general floor plans, first-level drawings, second-level drawings, etc.

You can judge product quality through technical drawings completed by that company. Products are evaluated under the following conditions:

Ground observation:

  • Observe the functional surface of the floor to assess whether the space ratio between the rooms is reasonable for use.
  • Room size is suitable for office space and user needs
  • The office should have natural light and natural ventilation
  • Not only considering the aesthetics, but the layout of the office should also ensure the basic feng shui elements. These elements include the direction of the doors of the rooms, the color of the office, the arrangement of plants and some other feng shui items
The office should have natural light and natural ventilation

The office should have natural light and natural ventilation

When there is project information, a professional office design company can design the functional space to ensure the harmony of all factors such as scale, aesthetics, light and feng shui.

To sum up, with the increasing demand for hiring designers in Da Nang, many office design companies were born. Therefore, choosing the right company is not easy.

VixFurniture is one of the professional office design companies and has many years of experience in the industry. We have participated in many large projects and brought satisfaction to customers. This is a worth considering option. 

If you are looking for a reputable office design company in Da Nang with the best price, please refer to our website and contact us directly with the information provided.

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