5+ Prestigious Addresses to buy office desks in Ha Noi City

5+ Prestigious Addresses to buy office desks in Ha Noi City

Office desks in Ha Noi City is an important issue that all companies, offices, or enterprises concern. The criteria for each unit for me to choose is quite critical. And this cost-saving problem will be solved if you know the principles of purchasing and finding a reputable supplier. The following article from Vix Furniture will introduce you to the best place to buy office desks in Ha Noi, it will absolutely respond to this problem. So let’s find out now!

How to find a prestigious address to buy office desks in Ha Noi City

How to find a prestigious address to buy office desks in Ha Noi City

Vix Furniture – the best unit that provides office desks in Ha Noi City

Ha Noi has more and more suppliers to provide office furniture, however, in the fact that not all places ensure the benefit-able policy and high-quality products for customers. Many addresses are imitations, self-manufactured goods take advantage of famous furniture brands to sell products. Vix Furniture is the location where for some years the unit has been at the forefront of distributing office furniture products in Ha Noi.

The products of desks are sold at Vix Furniture such as:

  • Mid-level office desk
  • Premium office desk
  • Wooden desk
  • Iron leg desk
  • Module workbench…

All items that ensure genuine commitment are distributed directly from the factory to customers with the best prices in the market. Especially, the office desks in Ha Noi City are constantly updated, Vix Furniture staff will advise you on products that are suitable for your needs and economic conditions.

What do customers get when buying desks at Vix Furniture?

  • Receive a discount voucher for extremely desks or chairs
  • A long-term warranty and maintenance policy
  • Delivery to 63 provinces around Vietnam
  • Consultant 24/7
  • After-sales policy and product life-cycle maintenance

The products of office furniture are very diverse in style and material with every position. Each position has diverse styles and materials with every position having different products that can be easy for you to choose. Vix Furniture will “Light up your space”.

Contact information


  • Address: 148- D Yen Hoa Street, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi City 100000, Viet Nam


  • Telephone: +84-937-927-925 / +84-822 246 444
  • Website: http://vixfurniture.com/

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Vix Furniture Unit

Vix Furniture Unit



GOVI Office Furniture

GOVI Office Furniture established in 2011, the unit has been constantly growing, affirming its position in the national market and also building trust with customers. Exquisite products are superior in both quality and design. With the motto “Durable and cheap”, GOVI is committed to bringing to customers the highest quality and high-class office furniture product line.

After more than ten years of operating experience with constant efforts, GOVI Furniture has a strong position and foothold in the market. The unit is a prestigious address for quality furniture products such as:

  • High quality and luxurious materials
  • Various styles
  • The product has both a modern and luxurious style that exudes beauty for the office 

The high-level, modern, and luxurious imported GOVI Furniture’s desk and chair model, using high-quality materials, make your workspace comfortable to help you work more efficiently. In addition to providing high-quality products, the price of them at GOVI is always cheaper than the market along with a high discount. You will enjoy great deals on each product here.

GOVI is proud to become a strategic partner, accompanying the development of more than 20,000 domestic and foreign enterprises. With the motto “Giving customers the feeling of Like a real boss in a modern and youthful interior space’.

Contact information:


  • Address:


Showroom: 1st floor, Building N01, 259 Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Warehouse: House number 44 – 45, D4 Geleximco new urban area Le Trong Tan, Duong Noi, Ha Dong, Hanoi


  • Hotline: 19004752


  • Phone: 096 276 66 13
  • Website: https://govi.vn/
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/govigroup
GOVI Office Furniture

GOVI Office Furniture



Thien Vuong Furniture

When starting to decorate an office or a small working space at home, the first thing coming to mind is luxury and comfort. When you’re comfortable, you’ll be most productive. Understanding that, Thien Vuong Furniture has a mission to bring high-class and luxurious office furniture to customers in Hanoi. Thien Vuong has been providing hundreds of quality desks and chairs to customers.

Thien Vuong Furniture with the criterion “The cheap price must be durable” has been providing office furniture for hundreds of large and small businesses. Thien Vuong offers a wide range of products from classic to modern, from narrow to large spaces. All items have full models and sizes to fit your workspace. The unit commits not to sell low-quality goods, or goods are not guaranteed to come to you.

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Some advantages of Thien Vuong Furniture:

  • Free installation
  • Free shipping
  • Having a discount voucher
  • Item has been treated against termites and warping
  • Diverse wood materials: oak, peach, incense, …
  • Long term warranty

Besides, Thien Vuong Furniture owns a team of highly skilled and technical personnel, ensuring the installation process is carried out in a safe and professional manner. The supplier is proud to bring a comfortable and convenient working space, contributing to high efficiency for customers’ work.

Contact information


  • Address: 86 lane 9 Pham Van Bach, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi


  • Telephone: 033 878 3608 – 086 209 8883
  • Website: http://noithatthienvuong.com/
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/noithatthienvuong.vn
  • Email: noithatthienvuongemail@gmail.com
Thien Vuong Furniture

Thien Vuong Furniture



Duong Dong Furniture

Duong Dong Furniture is an indispensable name when it comes to furniture suppliers in Hanoi. Known as the leading brand of genuine office furniture in Hanoi, Duong Dong Furniture will bring you luxurious and modern desks and chairs with many outstanding advantages:

  • Quality product material
  • Various models, many styles
  • Get the design according to the customer’s idea

3 reasons why you should choose desks and chairs in Duong Dong:

  • As a professional and quality supplier of desks and chairs.
  • Helps you save at least 1 time compared to the market level.
  • Products warranty from 6 to 12 months from the date of delivery and complete installation.

Duong Dong Furniture has a team of professional staff, who have knowledgeable expertise and will give dedicated advice so that all customers can easily choose the most suitable product. In addition, a team with highly skilled technical staff is always trained to improve. With all the advantages of Duong Dong’s services, you can surely put trust when buying chairs and desks here.

Contact information:


  • Address: No. 6, Lot 1, Phu Minh Industrial Park, Co Nhue 2 Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City


  • Telephone: 0969.76.1368 – 0868.444.808
  • Website: https://noithatduongdong.com/
  • Email: noithatduongdong6868@gmail.com

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Duong Dong Furniture

Duong Dong Furniture



Hoa Phat Furniture – the affordable unit to buy office desks in Ha Noi City

When it comes to the address of supplying quality desks or chairs, it is impossible not to mention Hoa Phat Furniture. Over 20 years of development, Hoa Phat Furniture asserts its name in the market in Vietnam. Hoa Phat Furniture specializes in providing high-class office furniture products. In particular, working tables or chairs at Hoa Phat are trusted by all customers with the most luxurious and quality office furniture from design to material.

Product lines of desks and chairs are available at Hoa Phat Furniture:

  • High-class desk made from PU painted wood
  • Working table made from industrial wood
  • Workbench module

Reasons to choose Hoa Phat Furniture as a trusted place to buy desks and chairs:

  • Diversity of product lines and constant innovation
  • High-quality, luxurious and popular materials are also available
  • High-quality products are imported genuine from Japan, Germany, Italy,…
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff
  • The price of the product is much cheaper than the market
  • Warranty for each product

To gain its position as a leading furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, Hoa Phat defines “Product and quality” as a core value to make the business successful. Besides, Hoa Phat has always received support and feedback from customers as a high-quality product. With its vision and development orientation in the future, Hoa Phat Furniture is increasingly creating and improving perfect products to respond to the trust of customers and the community with “Best products and services”.

Contact information:


  • Address: 1st floor, building B – No. 352 Giai Phong, Hanoi


  • Telephone: 024. 3665 8498 – 024. 3665 8966 – 024. 3665 8993
  • Fax: 024. 3664.9379
  • Mobile: 0948 029 111 – 0967 317 555 – 0916 378 886
  • Website: https://noithathoaphat.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoaphatnoithatvanphong/

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Hoa Phat furniture

Hoa Phat furniture



Misota Furniture

The last name on the list is Misota Furniture, a leader in the field of design and supply of office desks and chairs in Hanoi. The unit supplies high-class interior design for office furniture, houses,… Misota’s furniture is not only about the quality of products but also invests a lot in terms of incentives and competitive prices.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the field of providing office furniture, Misota confidently brings luxury work desks and chairs with high-quality materials. The brand is affirmed and maintained over the years since its operation with quality is always the top priority. The products at Misota furniture are always diverse in design, shape, and color. The design is simplified but luxurious and unique.

All office furniture is manufactured with modern technology lines. Therefore, MIsota always ensures the best quality in each product. From the design department, the engineers are creatively combined with the experienced direct labor department. Misota wishes to bring furniture products with a delicate combination of color, design, and size.

Models of desks and chairs at Misota:

  • Veneer table
  • Spinning chair
  • Luxury high-class CN wooden table
  • Premium mesh chair
  • New trend table

Contact information:


  • Address: No. 46, D4 Geleximco New Urban Area Le Trong Tan, Duong Noi, Ha Dong, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 0247 1060 333 – 093 1060 333
  • Website: https://noithatvanphongsme.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noithatMisota?fref=ts
  • Email: misotavietnam@gmail.com

    Misota Furniture

    Misota Furniture

To sum up, these are all information about the prestigious addresses to buy office desks in Ha Noi City that Vix Furniture wants to share with customers. We hope that you can easily choose the best place to buy office furniture.

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