Criteria for choosing standard office furniture by VIX FURNITURE Unit

Criteria for choosing standard office furniture by VIX FURNITURE Unit

Office furniture is an essential thing that all companies, enterprises are especially concerned about. Because if you own professional and modern furniture, it can make an impression on the investors or partners. However, in fact, some enterprises still have mistakes when choosing it that directly affect their brands. To solve this, Vix Furniture will introduce criteria to find the right office furniture as well as some things they should avoid.

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Criteria for choosing standard office furniture by VIX FURNITURE Unit

Criteria for choosing standard office furniture by VIX FURNITURE Unit

1. Why you should choose the right office furniture?

With each company, office, or enterprise, the right office furniture plays an important role. It is not only a physical facility but also an essential means of labor and production to help employees complete work more productive.

In addition, the right office furniture sets also show great ideas and meaningful messages that the interior styles can bring. Moreover, it has contributed to improving the ideological value as well as the business’s aesthetic. 

The furniture is a physical facility but also an essential means of labor and production to help employees complete work more productive

The furniture is a physical facility but also an essential means of labor and production to help employees complete work more productive

2. Some common mistakes when choosing an office or company furniture

2.1 Not considering how much space the office has

This is a mistake that can lead to choosing office desks or chairs that are too large or too small for the usable space of the business. Because you know, not all designs will be perfect in the rooms. And the same for desks and chairs furniture, it only really shows its value when is put in an ideal space.

2.2 Not calculating height, a style based on specific work

Office tables and chairs have still standard dimensions. Each agency, company has specific characteristics specific to the industry. Therefore, when choosing a chair and a table, we need to carefully consider all factors.

For instance, the company operates in the education field, we should choose a round desk to create cohesion or teamwork. In business travel and real estate, the table models with open, dynamic, and flexible styles are considered the best suitable choices.

2.3 Randomly choosing colors and materials

For home furniture, especially bedroom furniture, you can choose the color according to your preferences because it is a private world. The only thing you can reach is to feel satisfied and comfortable every time you return.

But the office furniture is very quite different, which color you choose, what color you choose can directly affect some people and finally affects the company’s appearance and work efficiency.

For example, desks or chairs for art creators need to have impressive colors, which will arouse emotions like yellow, blue, etc. Moreover, you should also concern elegance and warmth feeling.

2.4 Choosing the cheap type and forgetting the quality

In fact, this is understandable because every business wants to minimize costs. However, because of cheap desire, sacrificing quality is not worth it at all. Investing in facilities, transports, and creative labor equipment is a long-term and profitable investment.

Furthermore, poor quality goods mean that the product expectancy will be short and frequent replacement not only costs money but also creates a feeling of stability and professionalism package.

Choosing the cheap type and forgetting the quality

Choosing the cheap type and forgetting the quality

3. Notes when choosing office furniture

3.1 Selecting the furniture of each office according to the purpose of use

Office tables and chairs are also classified into different types such as Director desks, staff desks, reception desks, or meeting room tables. So firstly, you should base on the purpose of use and design position to choose the most suitable model.

3.2 Ensuring standard dimensions for tables and chairs

If choosing a desk for employees, businesses should ensure consistency and uniformity. Please avoid the case of the height and size of each employee’s desk or chair.

Particularly, with the Director’s desk, the size must be calculated based on the user’s height. Besides, you don’t forget the factors to ensure feng shui.

3.3 Optimal material

Currently, wood is the most used material in the design of office desks because of its outstanding advantages such as sturdiness, durability, user-friendliness, politeness, reasonable price, and comfort.

Particularly for office chairs, in addition to wooden materials, plastic and iron-legged chairs are also quite popular.

Business should use optimal material when choosing the office styles

Businesses should use optimal material when choosing the office styles

3.4 Suitable design and style

With a variety of designs and styles, consumers will have more and more perfect choices for their workspace. Based on creative ideas, style orientation to choose the most impressive tables or chairs.

Some desk styles you can choose such as industrial style, technology styles, dynamic modern style, or art style.

4. Why should you buy office furniture at reputable units?

4.1 Quality assurance

Reputable furniture supply brands often have a long operating time, product quality has been confirmed by consumers’ own experiences. Therefore, by finding reputable office furniture suppliers, you can ensure product quality.

4.2 Professional service

There are many criteria to evaluate a reputable brand in the market. In particular, service attitude, professional service style are some of the leading factors along with product quality.

4.3 Reliable warranty policy

Not similar to buying products at poor-quality businesses, reputable units will have a reasonable return policy for you within a certain period of use. So it can help us to be more secure in each of our choices.

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5. Why do you choose Vix Furniture to supply office furniture?

With rich experiences in the furniture field, Vix Furniture takes pride in providing all companies, businesses, and enterprises the quality and durable products. Each item of the unit has to experience careful tests and surveys before bringing it to the customers. 

Moreover, the office furniture of Vix Furniture also is made from perfect materials such as wood, plastic, iron, etc. From choosing to processing, all materials ensure the quality and safety standard. 

Particularly, you are suggested and consulted how to choose the right furniture for the company with free cost. The experts from Vix Furniture will consult how to choose, what color is suitable or make a calculator for product costs? 

When choosing Vix Furniture, you are able to give:

  • Genuine product
  • Product change
  • Shipping policy
  • Construction installation
  • Warranty genuine
  • Affordable price
Reason why you should choose the Vix Furniture supplier

The reason why you should choose the Vix Furniture supplier

6. Some outstanding products from Vix Furniture 

High-end office chair

The high-end office chairs are wrapped from high-quality materials such as plastic, wood. The seat mattress has high foam mousse. The high-level chair frame creates stability for the occupants. So it is considered a modern and sophisticated design. The color will be chosen through the customer requirements. And all accessories meet BIFMA standards.

Moreover, all items have multiple functions that are suitable to the needs of customers. With the warranty diplomacy, 24 months warranty for manufacturing defects. It is recommended that the maximum weight when using the best chair is 100kg.

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Mid-level office chair

Similar to the high-end office chair, the mid-level office chair also has materials, accessories, functions, and warranty diplomacies. All of it can bring the employees the comfortable feeling to create more productive working. 

Some products you can choose such as Chair VIXS105, Chair VIXS106, Chair VIXS107…

Mid-level office chair in Vix Furniture

Mid-level office chair in Vix Furniture

Premium office desk

For premium office desks, all product sizes can be easily changed upon request from customers. A beautiful desk with modern style because of simple pattern lines, no fussy, little details but greatly luxurious. Materials of the products are imported from foreign countries such as Malaysia, Russia, Germany….

With the policies, the guarantee has a 24-month warranty period for manufacturing defects. The best weight for the table does not exceed 200kg.

Table legs are made of 25mm x 50mm iron with powder coating. Office furniture

Premium office desks in Vix Furniture

Premium office desks in Vix Furniture

Mid-level office desk

For mid-level office desks, the sizes are very various with flexible dimensions. Materials have high quality that controls the unique function. Moreover, the mid-level office desk has quite an affordable price with a comfortable and durable feeling. 

In addition, each item has a maximum weight and height, so you can easily choose the best table for staff and employees.

Mid-level office desks in Vix Furniture

Mid-level office desks in Vix Furniture

To sum up, above is all information about how to choose impressive office furniture to contribute a comfortable, professional, and beautiful working space. 

For all needs, please contact for detailed advice. Thanks to all customers for trusting us all the time!

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