Notes on office interior design in Hanoi

Notes on office interior design in Hanoi

Interior design is an essential job since that optimizes space and provides aesthetic to offices in Hanoi. However, office interior design is a fundamentally complicated job, it is difficult to assure work efficiency. The following essay will give you some notes before the beginning of designing office interior. Let read and jot it down; it will assist you in creating an ideal office!


1. How essential is office interior design in Hanoi?

a. Build the company’s image

Office interior design is an essential element for the companies in Hanoi. Basing on the layout of interior workspace, partners and customers will form an opinion about the company’s prestige

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Let image how partners rate a supplier with the limited space, obsolete equipment, congested layout, and low aesthetic. Those would be undoubtedly negative evaluation.  Regardless of how wonderful the service is, the company has lost its way.


Therefore, office interior design is very important to build the company’s modern and professional image as well as the company’s prestige. Vixfurniture, a premium service provider, assures to bring your company a professional and modern office that impress your partners and customers.

b. A professional workspace

Office interior design that is scientific, ergonomic, and visually pleasing will help to build an optimal workplace for employees. When working there, every employee constantly offers a pleasant attitude, so work efficiency increases as a result. Moreover, the workspace which is scientifically designed, makes the connection of company’s departments more logical and faster.

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Because of the numerous advantages, office interior design has become a must-have service for the companies in Hanoi. However, interior design is naturally difficult, now, adding various of service packages. So, how can you assure quality?

2. Four notes on office interior design in Hanoi

In order to have the intended effect of office interior design, the companies’ owners should pay special attention to the following factors:

a. Establish requirements

Each office will have distinct needs of office interior design due to their own space features, business type, budget, oriented development, and so on. So, first and foremost, companies must precisely evaluate these criteria and offer information for Vixfurniture office interior design services in Hanoi, therefrom shaping the design style, construction components, and implementation cost in line with the company’s state and desire.

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It is a critical step that must be completed because it might be extremely difficult to correct the finished procedure. Even if it can be rectified, the company will waste a lot of time and money on the design and re-construction.

b. Selecting a trustworthy office interior design service in Hanoi 

Currently, it is not difficult to find office interior design services in Hanoi. Customers should be aware that not all of the fame represent perfect services. As a result, companies only place their confidence in units that have been in the market for a long time, have a good reputation, and are well-liked by many consumers.


Under any circumstances, do not try to save a few dollars by selecting unexpectedly low-cost services. Because there is no such thing as a “cheap – lasting – attractive” service. Including the units that tolerate “dumping” to supply services at low rates, quality will almost probably not be confirmed

c. A clear written contract

Any commitment from office interior design services in Hanoi is useless if it is not documented in writing. The transaction contract is similar to a committed paper that ensures your money will be spent wisely. As a consequence, customers should avoid getting subjective, read the transaction contract carefully and analyze the terms and conditions. Customers may feel satisfied in purchasing Vixfurniture after this.

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d. Don’t forget concerning “feng shui ”

Many companies now disregard the feng shui aspect when designing workplace furniture. Ancestors frequently remark, ” Pray for holiness. Be patient for good ” and this is a consideration that should not be overlooked, particularly in the workplace.


Learn about feng shui or talk directly with a Hanoi office interior design service provider to establish a feng shui ideal interior space. This will bring the company good fortune and luck that allowing it continue operating successfully. Customers who engage with Vixfurniture are particularly instructed on this issue, so they do not need to be concerned.


Office interior design is a significant element for any company. If you are searching for a prestige office interior design company in Hanoi with a lot of experience and excellent service that ensures usability and aesthetics, contact the hotline for assistance. 

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