Top 7+ addresses to buy affordable office furniture in Hanoi

Office furniture plays an important role in each company and business. As you know, it can not only create a beautiful space but also contribute to productive working. However, looking for a good office furniture unit is not easy. Let’s refer to this Vix Furniture article to find top stores in Ha Noi specializing in the office furniture field.

Office furniture plays an important role in busniess and company

Office furniture plays an important role in business and company

Vix Furniture – a reputable office furniture

Address: 148- D Yen Hoa Street, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi

Vix Furniture specializes in the design and direct production of home, office furniture to bring the best quality to customers. Vix Furniture always strives to become the trusted destination. Vix Office dares to affirm that the office produces ensures high quality.

Chair VIXS105

Chair VIXS105

Vix Furniture has a full range of office desks and chairs, decorative cabinets, sofas, and office decoration pictures. The products on display must be up to hundreds of sets available at the store. (Hundreds of sofa sets, dining tables, cabinets, desks and chairs, shoe cabinets, etc. each type has several dozen or more models available for you to choose from)

In particular, Vix Furniture has a full set of beautiful and affordable interior furniture. In addition to furniture, cabinets, and shelves, none of the above units have decorative paintings for the office. Only Furnibuy Furniture has a full combo for you from A – Z. Moreover, when you buy a combo you also get a lot of incentives from Vix Furniture.

All products can be designed and manufactured according to your requirements without intermediaries. So make sure you buy the full set of office furniture at the factory price.

Office desks from Vix Furniture

Office desks from Vix Furniture

Vix Furniture is the No. 1 unit in Hanoi that self-finishes all stages from Design, production, installation, construction, marketing … so the products are very beautiful, very cheap, and quality is guaranteed. The unit always supports installation and construction for customers, 100% free consultation.

In addition to furniture items, director’s room, meeting room. Vix Furniture also makes full office decoration paintings for customers upon request. Decorative shelves, vases, and vases are always available at Vix Furniture. 

Hoa Phat Unit 

Address: 348A Giai Phong, Ha Noi

Hoa Phat furniture is a company of Hoa Phat Group – a multi-industry development group. The office showroom address is 348A Giai Phong, Ha Noi. It is the first head agent of Hoa Phat in Hanoi. The showroom not only sells Hoa Phat furniture but also distributes products on NT Fami and NT office 190.

Hoa Phat Group brings the best products to customers

Hoa Phat Group brings the best products to customers

The showroom square is up to 200m2 located right on Giai Phong street with a full range of desks, chairs with enough materials to ensure the genuine. All customers can require the Hoa Phat team the needs of products according to desire. 

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Xuan Hoa Office Furniture 

Address: 7 Yen The Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Xuan Hoa Furniture is the first unit to make furniture items in the furniture industry. Previously, Xuan Hoa was known as a company that manufactures bicycles, car interior accessories. And now, Xuan Hoa is a prestigious brand of furniture for companies, quality assurance to customers.

Xuan Hoa Group supplies office desks and chairs

Xuan Hoa Group supplies office desks and chairs

Office address 7 Yen The, Ba Dinh is an official showroom of Xuan Hoa company. The rest of the addresses you can find online are all other agency companies.

When coming to Xuan Hoa, you can watch diverse office items from office desks, office chairs to table cabinets… They are exported from famous brands in foreign countries such as Germany, England, the USA, Russia…. 

Fami Office Furniture

Address: 348A Giai Phong, Hanoi

Fami Furniture Company was formerly known as NT Dunal Korea. This is the first enterprise to use Laminate in the production of industrial wood in Vietnam. Fami has a 2.7ha m2 factory located in Vinh Khuc Commune, Van Giang District, Hung Yen Province. 

Office desks from Fami Furniture

Office desks from Fami Furniture

The main products are office furniture, home furniture made of industrial wood. All items are sold domestically and exported to foreign countries. 

Office furniture 190

Address: 22A Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Furniture 190 is a famous brand for manufacturing furniture and steel pipes for building materials. The 4ha factory belongs to My Tranh pine, Nam Son commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong. From 2006 until now, NT 190 has had distribution agents in Hanoi, Sai Gon, and other provinces. 

Office desks has simple and luxurious design from 190 Unit

Office desks have simple and luxurious design from 190 Unit

The address of showroom specializes in furniture office field,190 Showroom is located at 22A Giang Vo, Ba Dinh through ONC Agency. There are samples of 190 pieces of furniture and 190 steel pipes on display for choosing design materials. So even you can directly go to the showroom, you will be impressed by each item. 

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Govi ​​office furniture 

Address: 259 Yen Hoa Cau Giay Hanoi (On the 1st floor of the N01 building)

With its predecessor as a unit specializing in the production of office furniture and supplies for small or medium enterprises. After 10 years of establishment from 2011 to now, Govi has gradually affirmed the brand of Office Furniture and towards more advanced products. This is one of the addresses that sell beautiful and good furniture. 

Module desk is designed for 4 people 

The module desk is designed for 4 people

Govi office furniture showroom address at 259 Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi. The showroom is located on the 1st floor of the N01 building, displaying tables and chairs, cabinets to decorate the working room quite fully. The decoration is luxurious and convenient for you to experience.

Govi has a factory at A2CN3, Tu Liem industrial cluster, Minh Khai, Hanoi. In addition to the above addresses to buy furniture. Buying office supplies here will help you save considerable costs, while the furniture is still of good quality.

Cheap office furniture Dang Khoa 

Address: 323 Luong The Vinh, Trung Van, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

This is the address to sell furniture for all businesses, enterprises at extremely low prices. It can be said that nowhere is cheaper than the sales units that liquidate office supplies. However, this unit specializes in selling online on Facebook and website. This address is like a warehouse to store furniture and sofas. And many guests when coming here were surprises to see where Dang Khoa furniture.

Office desks are manufactured by Dang Khoa

Office desks are manufactured by Dang Khoa

Office and home furniture products for extremely low prices. For example, a meeting table 1mx2m costs about 1.350.000 VND, 1m2x2m4 costs about 1.500.000 VND. Compared to the 4 big brands, the wood is better made, so the price is even 3 times higher. 

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To sum up, the article about looking for a famous office furniture unit for customers to choose the best furniture for the business, enterprise, and office. We wish they will understand clearly each unit on advantages and disadvantages. If you still wonder about the article’s context, please contact us through the address: 

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