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Office interior design in Hanoi city | Ho Chi Minh - Office Furniture Viet Nam

Office interior design in Hanoi city – Office Furniture VietNam

Office interior design in Hanoi Prestige – Quality – Professional. Customers are wishing to use office interior design services to renew the office or repair the space. But you do not know where to start and which prestigious office interior design company to choose from in Hanoi. Furniture VixFurniture Vietnam will help you know what to do and will bring you the ideal working space.

Office interior design in Hanoi

Office interior design in Hanoi

Quotation of office interior design in Hanoi city of VixFurniture company

The reason should design and construct office furniture

If you are also working 8 hours a day in the office then you will understand the reason most.

The first thing when designing a beautiful interior is to have a direct impact on the employees. It will help employees to be comfortable, this is the most important thing that directly affects the productivity of office workers.

Next is the image of the company in the eyes of partners and customers. With the impressive workspace design, you have built trust, credibility and strong growth in their mind.

Design and construction of office furniture include what?

Design and construction of the leadership office (director’s room)

This is the workplace of the head of the company, the place where meetings or direct transactions with partners and customers take place regularly. Therefore, the interior design of the director’s room needs to be as careful and meticulous as possible. Because this will be the most impressive image for customers and partners. Office furniture VixFurniture

Furniture for the director’s office includes a large desk made from industrial or natural wood, with an authoritative style design, elegant colors to show the style and authority of the leader. religion. Comes with a large work chair with high backrest made from high quality leather can adjust the sitting direction and height arbitrarily.

In addition, the director’s office also has a sofa set for reception, formal and polite design requirements. The document cabinet will normally be placed behind the director’s sitting position, according to feng shui to create a solid backrest to create a safety point.

Office interior design in Hanoi

Office interior design in Hanoi

Design and construction of staff offices – Office interior design in Hanoi city

Today, the design trend of the staff office requires synchronous, youthful, modern, dynamic expression. The model of the staff’s desk and chair is also compact and simple. In addition, the staff room area for common spaces to connect employees easily. The attached equipment is also used more like shelves, cabinets, plant pots … Office Furniture VixFurniture

For newly established businesses or small companies, the funding source is limited. Choosing the form of designing and executing cheap office furniture is right. They will be consulted about the design style and the most reasonable selection of furniture to minimize costs.

In other cases, businesses or companies have more modest staff office space. They use the desks with mezzanine partitions to create a connection space but still have a separate working corner for employees. Colors for the staff office should be soft and bright to harmonize with the light. Office interior design and construction company in HCMC

Design and construction of meeting room interior – Professional design unit

Any company should dedicate a certain area to this area. This is an important place that will determine the development directions of the company. The interior design of the meeting room needs to create comfort and highlight the leader, every employee can easily observe the leader presenting his opinion in each meeting.

The conference room furniture needs a large meeting table which can be rectangular or oval depending on the designer, the chairs are synchronized and arranged to have the necessary quantity of the company in a meeting. Equipments such as projectors, sound and light should be arranged in such a way that they are most harmonious and comfortable.

Office interior design in Hanoi

Office interior design in Hanoi

Design of front desk construction – Office interior design in Hanoi Prestigious

This is an area that requires high visuals and designs. Because anyone entering and leaving the company, the business needs to go through this area. Therefore, it is necessary to design a thoughtful front desk to highlight the brand and promote the image of the business. Thiết kế nội thất văn phòng tại TP Hà Nội

You should design the front desk with an area and size that is appropriate for the size of your business. There should be desks and chairs for receptionists, computers with network connection, phone … Office furniture in Binh Duong cities

Simple design of the front desk reception area

Requirements when designing office furniture

Divide the space layout

When starting to design an office interior, the architects will ask the developers to provide specific information about the premises, the number of people to work and requirements for each office. From there they will plan a streamlined division to ensure the comfort of all employees.

The main material for construction of office furniture

Currently, there are many materials to design office furniture such as natural wood, industrial wood, glass, plastic … Depending on your budget and requirements, you will choose the right material. This is very important because it will be the main factor determining the cost of constructing office furniture for your business. Office interior design in Ho Chi Minh City

professional design service

professional design service

Design style working room

Each design style will bring a different working space. Today’s trend, modern and dynamic office design styles are many choices. These styles of design will be designed based on the corporate brand image to create a unique style and accent.

Ensure adequate lighting

Today’s office design tends to use less windows but instead is large glass outside the building instead of the wall. Therefore, bringing natural light into the office is very simple. As for the office that is far away from the glass panel, proper lighting will be used. When designing, the architects will calculate how all working positions receive enough light, not too bright or too dark.

The design of the office color tone

Most architects will use the colors in the brand logo to use for the design of the office. You should choose soft colors to create a bright space for the office, avoiding hot colors.

Choose a color that is right for your company brand

Cheap office interior design service at VixFurniture. Contact O846794444

On the market today, there are many design units and construction of office furniture. And of course there will be units doing reputation, but besides that, there will also be units that do not reputation. Because of this, customers are very confused when looking for their office design unit. There is a unit on the market that customers can trust.

VixFurniture Vietnam Furniture Company provides professional office interior design and construction services with competitive prices and a commitment to guaranteed construction quality. As one of the leading units in the field of office interior design and construction, VixFurnitureVietnam has over 10 years of experience, success with a series of large and small projects along with the trust of customers.

Possessing a team of young creative and dynamic architects, VixFurniture’s interior will bring you unique and new office designs. We receive consulting on design and construction of office furniture on request to help you save maximum cost and time. Moreover, we have a strong factory system in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with modern equipment. Will be able to execute all the office designs you require.

professional design service

professional design service

The process of designing and constructing office furniture in Hanoi City of VixFurniture

Step 1: Receive customers’ requests and conduct site surveys on design plans

Step 2: Consulting office designs and signing design contracts with customers

Step 3: Build 2D and 3D detailed drawings

Step 4: Break up details, calculate cost and sign construction contract if customer needs

Step 5: Deploy the construction according to the design drawing

Step 6: Handover, acceptance, finalization and warranty. Office funiture DVHGroup

Customers wishing to design office interior please contact VixFurniture Vietnam directly, we will get answers to your questions and free design advice. We will try to complete the best products for you.

Wish you have an ideal workspace!


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