Things to know about choosing the cheap office chair

The cheap office chair is a trend that consumers choose now. Because it can help to reduce pressure on economic benefits but still create enthusiasm to employees. And office furniture plays an indispensable item for each enterprise, it is along with office desk and cabinet. A suitable chair will create a difference and help our body feel convenient during the working day.

Among the diverse products and brands in the market, how to choose the cheap office chair that is high-quality and suitable. This article will mention basic standards when choosing the office chair for customers.

Things to know about choosing the cheap office chair

Things to know about choosing the cheap office chair

Basic criteria for the cheap office chair 

1. Size working space

One of the necessary things is to find a suitable office chair that focuses on size.

If the space is great or huge, you should choose an office chair with a big or medium size. The seat is spacious, the backrest is high. Moreover, the item has the ability to lean back comfortably. This can help the employee sitting feel relaxed when working as well as resting. At the same time, it also affirms the position and class of who is sitting.

If the space is relatively small, you should choose the office chair with a medium or small size to make moving in the room more flexible. In addition to increasing interaction with your colleagues. Swivel footstools are probably the best fit.

2. Back office chair

For people who have to sit for long hours, the back and armrest of the chair become more and more important. You should choose the cheap office chair that has a soft back and moderate height to suit your physical condition. Stimulated, you should avoid too low back office chairs, it will not be comfortable to sit or work every day in such a chair. 

3. Material office chair

The material also plays an important factor that affects consumers. Nowadays, mostly the office chair is made from foam for the interior of the seat cushion or backrest. The cushion cover and backrest of the office swivel chair are made of different materials. The type that most manufacturers pay attention to is felt fabric (burlap) because this is also the most chosen material by customers. Moreover, it has an affordable price, diverse colors, and designs. 

In addition, mesh fabric, elastic band, simili (industrial leather), or genuine leather are also being more interested in manufacturers and customers. Each material will have its advantages and disadvantages such as:

Felt fabric:

This material helps people sit in the most correct posture, diverse colors that bring different options for customers. This is also the most produced and consumed chair material line for staff chairs and mid-back chairs.

Mesh fabric:

This material is cool, helps the employees to sit for a long time but doesn’t feel hot in the mesh part. Moreover, the mesh fabric is also suitable for the tropical climate in our country, especially in the summer.

Elastic band (another name is called healthy chair).

This material is both cool and comfortable to sit on. Besides, it also helps blood circulation. Therefore,  the consumers who use it don’t feel numbness in their legs, buttock, and the seat is not hot. However, because of the elastic band material, the chair is less luxurious and modern than the felt or leather line.

Simili (PVC):

This material helps the users to clean because it is not waterproof. Its downside is that the sitting temperature is hotter than the felt. Currently, the color of simili used for seat covers is not diverse, mainly black and a few have more blue or yellow. So the material has not been chosen by customers for the staff chair or the middle back chair.


This material has a highlight advantage, is durable, and especially creates a luxury and difference for customers. There are two types such as genuine leather (high-end goods) and industrial leather (popular goods). The leather chair line is often used for a director’s chair in the office, business, or enterprise. Leather material is often used to produce high-back chairs.

Mesh fabric, elastic band, simili (industrial leather), or genuine leather  are the popular materials

Mesh fabric, elastic band, simili (industrial leather), or genuine leather are the popular materials

4. Cushion colors office chair 

Currently, on the office furniture market, the colors of office chairs are very diverse and have relatively met the tastes and preferences of customers. Depending on the object of use, there are suitable color options. 

For example, the most option color for the director’s swivel chair is black, or gray to create luxury. Chair colors for employees often use lighter tones such as red, blue, or nuggets. 

Some information about high-end (director) chair

The definition of the high-end chair

The high-end chair is a type of office chair that is designed to suit the director of the company. The director’s chair is designed to help leaders work comfortably as well as reduce stress and fatigue. In addition, the director’s chair also shows the personality and authority of the head.

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The director’s chair is designed to help leaders work comfortably as well as reduce stress and fatigue

The director’s chair is designed to help leaders work comfortably as well as reduce stress and fatigue

High-end chair classification

According to materials

Leather director chair: On the current director chair market, most chair models are made of leather material. It is manufactured by genuine leather or PU leather because the leather material brings smoothness, luxurious beauty, express power, and distinct class. Leather material has a smooth surface so it is easy to clean. Moreover, the chair also feels warm in winter and cool in summer.

Mesh director chair: Mesh material is very popular with a cheaper price but very durable, cool, sweat-proof, smooth, and easy to clean, so the chair is always like new.

Wood Director Chair: Made from the finest and most expensive woods. The wooden chair has a delicate beauty that stretches over time and brings feng shui meaning to the customers.

According to styles

Reclining director’s chair: Equipped with a brake mechanism. The product has intelligent gears to help people recline.

Static chair: This line of stationary chairs without wheels is often used in spaces that need majesty and quiet, especially in meeting rooms, halls, and conferences.

Swivel director chair: The director swivel chair series has a flexible feature that helps the director to adjust their sitting posture and reasonable height.

According to size

The size of the director’s chair usually does not have a certain standard, depending on each person, there are different sizes. However, according to general standards, the lowest seat height from the ground to the seat cushion is 450 mm, and the highest height depends on whether the chair has a short or high seat structure. Genuine leather director chairs for older directors often have a massive design, the size will be completely different from the mesh director chair for young leaders.

According to feng shui

The color, material, direction of the chair, … are some important factors that directly affect the destiny of the people. Depending on the age and destiny of each person, there are orientations to choose the appropriate director chair.

  • Par Tho director chair: Red, orange, light pink, yellow, purple and green
  • Par Kim director chair: Yellow and brown, blue, black, gray and metallic colors
  • Par Moc director chair: Blue, black or natural wood
  • Par Thuy director chair: Blue, green, black, gray, white with metal or wood material.
  • Director’s chair par Hoa: Blue, red, pink, orange, purple.
The color, material, direction of the chair, ... are some important factors that directly affect the destiny

The color, material, direction of the chair, … are some important factors that directly affect the destiny

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The basic structure of the director’s chair

In terms of structure, this chair will be divided into the following parts:

  1. Backrest and seat cushion

The seat and backrest cushions are soft because they are made of thick natural cotton, and the outside is covered with high-quality leather. The leather of the director’s swivel chair is not mushy or discolored, rough like ordinary leather chairs. The leather material of the director’s chair is usually smooth and glossy, soft to the touch. When sitting, the seat is slightly recessed back to reduce body weight pressure on the thighs, from which the occupants feel much more comfortable.

  1. Handrails

The armrests of the chair are made of wood or steel with leather upholstery. When seated, leaders can rest their elbows up to fatigued relief.

  1. Chair legs

The chair leg frame is made of hard stainless steel or natural wood, the chair is equipped with a lever to easily adjust the height of the chair, in accordance with the user’s physique. In addition, the chair has a swivel design with the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees when sitting thanks to a flexible piston shaft. The legs of the chair have wheels that make it easy to move the chair to many places 

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