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Office swivel chair VFGX005


  • Code: VFGX005
  • Color: Black 
  • Dimensions: seat mattress height 70mm
  • Horizontal 49 cm Deep 50 cm High 87 – 97 cm
  • Material: Mesh back combined with soft foam mattress, Star legs are made from chrome-plated steel, With lifting pistons, 360-degree moving wheels, Armrests are made of plastic
  • Warranty: 6 months

Office swivel chair VFGX005 helps you sit and work comfortably. The chair is made very sturdy with thick padding to help you relax when working. In particular, the swivel chair legs can help you easily move in the office. Another feature of this chair is that it is easy to change the height of the chair thanks to the push-button pusher up and down. People often place this chair in the office to help promote better work efficiency.

Office swivel chair VFGX005 – VixFurniture

  •  Width: 58cm
  •  Custom height: 93cm – 103cm
  •  Depth: 63cm
  • Mesh back combined with soft foam mattress
  • The star base is made of chrome plated steel
  • There is a lifting piston
  • 360 degree moving wheel
  • Handrails are made of plastic
Designs Office swivel chair
Guarantee  12 months
Product color
  •  Black
  • Free survey, measurement and drawing of the current situation at the office
  • Free 3D modeling (plans and product details)
  • Please call or text the Sales Department for a timely quote

Pictures of thick mesh back swivel chair:

Bring maximum convenience to your work

The chair line was created from in-depth research into the habits and health of office subjects.
Rotate working direction: The mesh office chair reclines with swivel legs with convenient sliding wheels below. Allows you to easily rotate any angle to exchange work with everyone.

Office swivel chair VFGX005

Office swivel chair VFGX005

Move while working: No need to bother with heavy legs, move from place to place to get an item or handle a certain task. Sit still in the chair position, using a gentle push of the foot down to the surface of the floor. Instantly (less than 2 seconds), you can go anywhere in the room. So far, this mechanism (feature) is not too strange to consumers. But its great effectiveness and benefits are undeniable.

Complete compatibility with multiple phenotypes-sizes

The chair legs are designed according to the principle of operation of the human body. Therefore, for each different object, it is easy to adjust the appropriate height for each working posture.

Compatible with user body: Everyone has quite different lengths of legs, back and arms. 8 years ago, anxiety and fatigue in choosing to buy office chairs were always mentioned the most by office people. But suddenly, as soon as the work chair with the “height adjustment” feature was introduced. Those worries have completely disappeared.

Compatible with many desk styles and sizes: In addition to each person’s body type. Our desks come in many different sizes (mostly heights). According to statistics, over 60% of people who buy office chairs have once had to return to the store to exchange products. And this is also the reason why the chair equipped with the “height adjustment” feature was born.

Why You Should Choose VFGX005 . Office Swivel Chair

  • Product price is competitive with other places
  • Product quality is guaranteed, easy to disassemble and transport
  • Provide a full package of office and home furniture
  • Professional consulting and installation team
  • Goods in stock, same day delivery, meet all customer needs
  • Many new, quality products are updated regularly
  • Receive orders according to customer’s request


The back of the chair is designed with a slight curvature to suit the human frame.
The 5-sided swivel chair legs are solid, solid, and meticulously machined from rust-free chrome-plated steel.
The mattress is thick, bordered by mesh fabric, creating a smooth and comfortable use when sitting.
Hydraulic Piton pen lever up and down, helping to change the height to suit the user.
The chair uses a wheel with a fixed lock, or reclines the monolithic back to help relax.


Warranty: 6 months


_ Inner city 100k (in the day)

_ Outside the city, but according to the time of receipt and the shipping unit (contact).

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