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Management Desk VixPro005


VixFurniture specializes in supplying and manufacturing OFFICE FURNITURE, durable, beautiful and affordable. With the spirit of bringing the best products to customers. VixFurniture is very pleased to accompany our customers.

COLOR Walnut Color/ Black Iron Legs

Management Desk VixPro005 with classic design mixed with modern features is the characteristic of this product system. The classic four square legs are a popular feature. The design team has modified the leg frame to follow an inverted U-block to create more durability and be a highlight for the product. With this design, the tabletop is floating on the leg frame cleverly and subtly. This design can be easily applied to various work environments, from employee140o management, and even a professional workspace at home. With a team of experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated workers, VixFurniture is committed to producing the best quality products.

Product structure

Management Desk VixPro005

Product dimensions W2320 x D2680 x H750
ACCESSORY Accessories can be combined: electrical box, electric cover, cover plate, partition
QUALITY MFC standard E1, powder coated legs

Why choose us?

  • Business type: Manufacturer
  • Production and export trade experience: More than 14 years
  • Factory area: 10000 square meters
  • Showroom area: 4000 square meters
  • Members: >200 employees
  • Annual output: 3000 containers annually
  • Certificate: ISO9001
  • Design team: Minimum 20 guests to organize
  • Customization: Welcome to OEM and ODM or Project.
  • Delivery: 20 days for 20GP, 30 days for 40HQ.
  • Test center is available at our factory and regularly through the authoritative authentication of the national authoritative organization, ensuring that each product is qualified.
  • Self-owned R&D parts molds for each office furniture.
  • Competitive price directly from factory.

Product code: SKU PR_SC1_140716L/R_404_WH02

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS W1400 x D1600 x H750    – Tủ: W1500 – D450 – H645 mm

W1500 x D1600 x H750    – Tủ: W1500 – D450 – H645 mm

W1600 x D1600 x H750   – Tủ: W1500 – D450 – H645 mm

W1400 x D1300 x H750   – Tủ: W1200 – D450 – H645 mm

W1500 x D1300 x H750   – Tủ: W1200 – D450 – H645 mm

W1600 x D1300 x H750   – Tủ: W1200 – D450 – H645 mm

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