Ergonomic Chair VFD11 Office furniture in Ho Chi Minh City. Ha Noi City

Ergonomic Chair VFD11


Ergonomic Chair VFD11 Imported and distributed at VixFurniture 

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1,Product Details

Product Name:  VFD11 Ergonomic Chair

– Model: VFD11

– Weight: 11Kg

– Material: ABS plastic frame, eco-friendly breathable mesh fabric

– Color: Black

2. Outstanding advantages:

– Good-looking, beautiful and unique form by the design of a headrest pillow

– Design delicate lines according to the correct sitting posture, creating the most comfortable feeling when working

– Prevent neck and back pain, limit bone and joint diseases

– Easily change the seat height, change the height, tilt angle of the headrest

– Strong construction, withstand loads up to 250kg.

– Suitable for people who often sit continuously for hours.

– Made in China

– Imported by: VIXFURNITURE CO., LTD


+ Refund 3 days according to the provisions of

+ 7 days refund if manufacturer defect.

+ Good product quality

+ Fast delivery

+ Check the goods carefully before delivering to the customer

+ Tu is still enthusiastic

Ergonomic Chair VFD11

Ergonomic Chair VFD11

VixFurniture – Smart interior – Good for health

VFD11 chair with ergonomic design helps you to be more comfortable in the process of working, entertaining, improving labor productivity and protecting health. With modern design combined with neutral colors, VFD11 Chair with high aesthetic, dynamic and breakthrough will surely satisfy customers.

VixFurniture  Vietnam  always brings high quality imported genuine Ergonomic office chairs with top quality. We are confident to be a reliable and reputable address for all customers about health protection products.

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