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Empoylee Chair VFS104


  • Classy in design, unsurpassed in modern form and function
  • Empoylee Chair VFS104 is designed and manufactured in Vietnam.
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Empoylee Chair VFS104

Empoylee Chair VFS104 with backrest frame is manufactured from high-quality, good-strength materials; The back of the chair is highly elastic, breathable. The backrest with a tight S-curve design, helps maximize hip support and reduces pressure on the spine, providing a comfortable feeling and satisfying the strict requirements of the occupants.

In addition, with a team of VixFurniture engineers with many years of experience, research and design, the product has both a harmony between tradition and modernity, creating a luxury and sophistication that will bring satisfaction to customers. your office furniture; make office workers comfortable to use, thereby increasing work efficiency.

Design: Modern, sophisticated, simple.

Functions: Many functions are suitable for the needs of customers.


  • Upholstered from high quality materials.
  • Seat mattress with high density of mousse foam.
  • High-grade chair frame creates stability for people to sit.


  • Genuinely manufactured specifically for the product line.
  • All accessories meet BIFMA standards.


  • All colors according to customer’s request.


  • Height: 460 ~ 1220mm.
  • Width: 750mm.
  • Depth: 640mm.


  • 24 month warranty period for manufacturing defects.
  •  It is recommended that the weight when using the best chair does not exceed 100kg.
  • With requirements for higher weight, we will have a custom design to satisfy you.

Chair components meet BIFMA 5.1 standard – The Business and Institutional furniture Manufacturer’s Associatio.

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