Terms of warranty


 We sincerely thank you for trusting and choosing Vixfuniture’s products. To protect the customers’ benefits, we inform our warranty policy applied for our furniture products. All below information helps you to understand deeply, please take a look. 


1. Warranty Coverage


Warranty policies are applied for all kinds of products that produced and distributed by Vixfuniture in Vietnam. 


Terms of warranty


2. Warranty Period:


Depending on type of products,from 12 to 24 months.


2.1 Guidance policy


The products are applied the fulfill warranty without any free if the products are damaged by the producer within the time warranty (from the delivered day). In case the products are damaged badly, and we are responsible for exchanging the new product immediately.


Terms of warranty


The customers need to provide warrant certificates, original invoices, or any eligible documents to get warranty.  You also need to keep the right products’ status so that we can repair them more conveniently and maintain best products’ quality.


2.2 Warranty conditions


The products are applied to the warranty policy when they ensure according to requirements:

The products are purchased in Vixfurniture or the authorized dealer.

The products are under warranty period.

The customers need to provide all documents relating to the products, such as to warrant certificate, invoices to have the warranty. 

We are only responsible for the products damaged by producers’ mistakes, and we refuse to respond to the errors caused by end-users. 


Terms of warranty


3. Quality Commitment


Vixfurniture commits to fixing all errors quickly and effectively at your home and letting the product run best. In case the products need to be moved, we will pay the transfer fee. Our experienced employees and modern equipment and organized working process will solve any issues immediately to meet your expectation.


4. Disclaimer of warranty


Vixfurniture disclaims warranty in following cases:


Terms of warranty


– The products are not produced and distributed by Vixfurniture.

– The products are expired of warranty period (if the products are expired of warranty time, we will fix the products and charge an amount of fee.

– The products are damaged by subjunctive mistakes such as: warped, must, and all disassembled parts, deformed products caused by putting them in the shining, near the water. 

– The products are repaired by end-users or other parties but Vixfurniture.

– The products are damaged by fires and explosions, blood, flood, and lightning, 


Vixfurniture has been trying to bring customers the best products. We apologize for some unexpected situation and inconvenience. We will improve immediately and protect the best customers’ benefits.