Color plays an important role in the design and industrial construction to create the professional and artistic project. 

We always develop and research the value of color carefully to bring the perfect workspace and core values for the business partners and the customers. Vixfuniture’s color collections are below. 

1. Wood grain color collection


As wood grain color is the main material, which is applied to both design and industrial construction, Vixfurniture always concentrates on products’ nature and aesthetics. So typically, the wood grain color collection with the soft, yielding, natural lines, that make them like reality. Moreover, the color collection of the material is so various to adapt the customers’ requirements.

Great color: milk brown, gray-brown, gray, beige, black, white-gray, dark gray, black, white blue, … 

2. Solid wood color collection


The solid wood collection is different from the Woodgrain color collection. Vixfuriture concentrates on creating tones of color such as warm – cold – neutral tones. Multiple wood color collections are suitable for different ages, requirements, and hobbies.

Normally, Solid wood color collection will be applied for products such as desks, bedroom storage cabinets, and kitchen cabinets to highlight and bring positive energy to the space. 

Highlight color: Blue, green, orange, pink-white, red, black, gray, purple, yellow, pastel pink, gray-white

3. Hardwood color collection


The feature of hardwood color is used in the construction’s surface, so hardwood color collection is more limited than Solid wood color collection and Woodgrain color collection. However, the hardwood color collection also plays an important role in creating professional and aesthetic projects.

Vixfurniture develops and provides the hardwood color collection with two main color tones: white and gray. From these two main color tones, we color blend and wood design to create high quality materials. We also continue researching and developing color collections to keep up with architecture trend and international furniture. Throughout, we will bring the business partners and the customers high-quality products, furniture, and professional project. 

We sincerely thank you for trusting and choosing Vixfurniture’s products and services. We are dedicated to your satisfaction.