Non-disclosure policy


At Vixfureniture, the customers’ rights and benefits are the vital rules which builds our service quality and our brand name. We have been trying our best to bring high-end products and services to customers, including non-disclosure policy which Vixfureniture absolutely commits. The detail non-disclosure policy as below:


Privacy Policy


1. Collecting customers’ personal information 


Vixfurniture collects the customers’ information basing on their directed relation, including first name, last name, address, cellphone number, requirements and expectations. Collecting the customers’ information is necessary for consulting, dealing, delivery and payment. All the customers’ information is collected basing on their agreements. 


The customers who order products on our website, Facebook, our company can collect additional information such as IP address and domain to improve our service. Besides, we also keep the information is provided by customers when they register their account in order to contact for providing our consulting services and giving necessary information. 


Privacy Policy


2. Using the customers’ personal information


All the customers’ personal information is only used as the principle and purpose that are set by Vixfurniture. It is the processing of exchange, consulting, making invoices/receipts, and shipping (we can provide customers’ information to delivery partners)


Vixfurniture not only absolutely commits non-disclosure but also does not share the customers’ information with anyone or organization. In some cases, we use the customers’ information to inform promotional programs, services or take care of customers within a limit of laws. The customer can refuse to receive the information and promotional programs.


Privacy Policy


3. Non-disclosure method


Vixfurniture is responsible for the customers’ information and the non-disclosure method when collecting personal information. We commit to preventing the action of access, stealing, amendments, and disclosing the users’ data to the outside.


Moreover, we also provide the customers’ information enclosing detailed statements about using or sharing the information in accordance with the law to help the customer can follow and observe in necessary cases. 


Privacy Policy


Note: This commitment is for Vixfurniture’s customers only, not including the cases that customers provide their information to other parties.


Customers’ information is absolutely secured by Vixfurniture’s strict non-disclosure method and rules. So, you will be totally satisfied to choose using our service.