Vixfurniture have applied the optimal and flexible payment policy in order to bring customers the best service experiences. The followings are the details of our payment policy:


1. Cash payment


When customers buy and use services directly at Vixfurniture stores, they use the direct payment option. Customers can pay in cash or by Visa/Mastercard (card or bank transfer), QR code scanning, e-wallet as that is the most convenient for you. Our staff will handle the entire procedure quickly and effectively, that it takes customer’s little time. When using the online payment system, the customer’s private information is absolutely secured by PCI-DSS standards.


 Payment Policy


2. Payment on delivery


Customers who purchase interior items at Vixfurniture and prefer to have them delivered to their house are subjected to a payment-on-delivery policy. Payment options continue to be diversified in order to make it simpler for users. Specifically, we deliver all furniture items all around the country depending on customer’s demands.


 Payment Policy


– Customers are required to make deposit an amount in cash or bank transfer in advance for the orders over 5,000,000 VND. Then you pay the remain amount when the products are delivered to the address and checked for quality.

– Customers do not have to pay in advance for orders under VND 5,000,000. After completing the order at the specified address, the entire payment will be paid.

– If the customer purchases the product to offer as a present to others, the order is always required to be paid before the units are shipped to the receiver’s address.


 Payment Policy


3. Notes


Customers should focus on the following minor issues in order to assure the quality of products and services in accordance with the efficient and flexible payment policy:

– Please keep your invoices/receipts for reference purposes.

– If there is any problem while paying directly, please inform the cashier staff as well as the customer care department so that we can handle it to protect the customer’s rights and benefits.


 Payment Policy


– In the case of payment on delivery, if there are any mistakes in design, type, quantity, color,… are found for delivered orders, the customer must inform the shipper and contact the customer service department as soon as possible to get a resolution.

– Errors in the wire transfer payment process occur from subjective reasons, customers should actively contact the bank to resolve it efficiently.


Our team with the highly qualified, experienced staffs will give customers the best assistance in the process of using Vixfurniture’s products and services. In the rare circumstance that a fault occurs, we sincerely regret and will try our best to solve it as quickly as possible for the customers’ benefits. Thank you for choosing Vixfurniture!