Vixfurniture specializes in design and industrial building with various products and services. We build optimal policy because of customers’ rights and benefits. However, the customers need to understand deeply our products, service as well as necessary clauses to avoid any misunderstanding.

If customers’ requirements and expectations are not included in our terms and conditions, we will refuse to be responsible.


Our products and services


Vixfurniture belongs to DVH group that specializes in the following categories:

– Consulting and industrial construction design, residence.   

– Producing, consulting, designing, and setting up solar equipment. 

– Designing, decorating, making furniture, and interior office.

– Designing and building mechatronics and consumer goods

– Consulting investment and finance


All our products and service are set to bring the convenience and effectivity in designing and building construction projects. Moreover, we build the best optimal policy for customers such as:

– Door to door delivery

– Free ship.

– Return and refund policy

– Non-disclosure policy.

– Periodic Deals and promotions

The customers should understand all our policies or ask our consultants for details because each policy informs the exact condition, scope, and applied time. 




Basing on the product’s information and our using terms, which are shown on the website as well as the contract; Vixfurture refuses to be responsible for the below cases:

1. Asking free ship but it is not in the free ship area as regulations.

2. Refusing to be responsible for products damaged by customers’ mistakes.

3. Refusing to be accountable for non-disclosure if customers give their information to the other parties. 

4. Refusing to be responsible for return goods in case the customers change their mind. 

5. Refusing to customers’ discount requirements from the listed price.

Refusing to be responsible for the products are expired warrant period (we provide paid repair service).


 7. Do not apply the promotion policy for products or customers who do not belong to promotional lists or the promotion period.

 8. Having no responsibility in customers’ wrong transfer. Customers need to contact the bank to handle carefully that problem.

 9. Rejecting arisen requirements which come out one party while doing service. The customers need deal for additional categories of design and construction. 

10. Having no responsibility for repaired requests in case the project has been completed following all clauses in agreements. 

The customers can find more information about using terms on Vixfurniture’s website. Our consultant also give you detail information to avoid the unexpected misunderstanding.

 It is our pleasure to serve you!