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Office swivel chair VFGX003


Office swivel chair VFGX003 Supplied and installed by VixFurnitture

Product Code: VFGX003

Status: In stock

Product color: black

Material: mesh, stainless steel

Dimensions: 580 wide – 600 deep – high (1160:1380)mm

Warranty: 6 months

Office swivel chair VFGX003 – VixFurniture Office Chair

+ Rabica office chairs – New product line in 2019, simple design, compact size does not take up much space, durable quality and mid-range price, meeting the needs of customers.

+ Durable PP plastic chair frame with good bearing capacity, combined with mesh fabric to create tension with high elasticity, anti-heat, smooth and environmentally friendly.

+ The back of the chair is covered with good quality mesh fabric with the advantages of smoothness, durability, coolness, and environmental friendliness. The mesh back is stretched according to the spine shape, which helps to support the spine straight, not deformed and reduce pressure on the lumbar region to bring a comfortable sitting feeling, not constrained.

+ The seat is flat, the seat is made of 3 layers of materials: Standard molded plywood + molded mouse with high bounce and the outer surface is covered with high-quality fabric when sitting very smooth, comfortable, anti-inflammatory, pain. coccyx is very effective. Office swivel chair VFGX003

+ The square armrest is made from strong PP plastic with good bearing capacity, creating support for the arms and elbows when sitting in relaxation mode. Office furniture

+ Solid 5-sided swivel chair legs, made from pure iron with shiny chrome plated to limit rust, scratches or dents when subjected to strong impact. The nylon wheel attached to the support bar frame has a flexible turning function, keeping the balance stable when turning 360 degrees.

+ The controller for the 1st wheel needs to have a fixed locking function for a centralized working position, adjust the height up and down easily to correspond to the standard desk surface and at the same time withdraw the lever to lean back slightly. very comfortable lie down.

+ Soft mesh fabric headrest pillow, designed attached to the backrest frame, has the effect of supporting the head, cervical vertebrae, shoulders and neck… to limit neck fatigue when sitting for a long time.

+ Smart spring knob with clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation mechanism and the occupant can lean back depending on the weight of the body.


  • Imported genuine products, high competitive price.
  • The product is simple to use and disassemble – easy to transport.
  • Diverse models are updated according to trends and are highly applicable, meeting the needs of users.
  • Lifetime maintenance, high after-sales service.
  • The brand is trusted by many companies – large corporations.
  • Interior design office
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