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Fitness Chair Ergonomic VF-F216DBU


Flexispot is the leading brand in the USA and Amazon, Best-seller of Standing Desk

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Fitness Chair Ergonomic VF-F216DBU belongs to the “biking” chair line of Flexispot – the world’s leading provider of Ergonomic solutions for office and home from the United States. This chair allows us to both work and cycle, exercise, burn calories, relax and be more comfortable when working.

Fitness Chair Ergonomic VF-F216DBU
Fitness Chair Ergonomic VF-F216DBU

Features Advantages of Fitness Chair VF-F216DBU

Nowadays, everyone is too busy with modern lifestyles, sedentary or even no time to be active, making health and spirit reduced a lot. We will change that let us make healthy strides from items you use every day.

The Sit2Go VF-F1 Fitness Ergonomic Chair is equipped with more modern features than a high-end bike. With durable Caster wheels, you can move it anywhere you want. The spacious foot pedal is extremely comfortable, customize the Cardio to your training needs or fitness with a small screen displaying the amount of calories consumed.

The motor of the bicycle seat has a very gentle and smooth operation, does not make any noise during cycling, so it will not affect others even if they sit near you.  Office design


Fitness Chair Ergonomic VF-F216DBU
Fitness Chair Ergonomic VF-F216DBU
Fitness Chair Ergonomic
Fitness Chair Ergonomic

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Deskcise Pro relaxing cycling desk with Ergonomic design makes you more comfortable during work, improves labor productivity and protects health. With a modern design combined with neutral colors, Bicycle Pedal has a high aesthetic, suitable for the interior space of many offices.

VixFurniture Vietnam always brings top quality imported genuine imported high-quality ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic chairs. We are confident to be a reliable and reputable address for all customers about health protection products.

Product Name
Load Capacity
Seat Height Range
(20.9-29.8) ” /(530-758)mm
Armrest Stroke
2.8 ” /72mm
2.5 ” /64mm
Front and Back Range of Cushion
(4.3-12.2) ” /(110-310)mm
Product Dimension(LxWxH)
(36-38.4)”x25.6 “x(45.7-57.3)”/(915-975)X650x(1162-1455)mm
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