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Ergonomic Chair VFT89


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Ergonomic Chair VFT89 has a modern and elegant design covered with cool mesh fabric. The chair is popularly used as an office chair for directors, department heads, company employees. With smart design and outstanding features to bring comfort to users, creating a professional-class workspace.

Advantages of Ergonomic Chair VFT89

Chair frame : The chair frame is made from high-grade PP molded plastic with extremely high elasticity, good impact resistance.

– Armrest : Made of hard PP plastic material, rounded design with soft curves to support the user’s elbow, helping to limit the feeling of hand and shoulder fatigue while working.

– Seat cushion : The seat cushion of the chair is made of soft foam, does not collapse, does not fade. The outside of the mattress is covered with an extremely cool mesh fabric, so you don’t have to worry about your butt getting hot when you sit for a long time

Footrest : VFT89’s footrest has an ergonomic and compact design. When working, you can fold the footrest under the seat and when lying down, you just need to pull it out to support your legs when sleeping.

– Control cluster : Using a wheel with 2 adjustment levers, it can be locked to fix 1 working position and change the height – low of the chair to be compatible with the body shape of the person sitting. The handle on the side of the handle can be reclined to relax comfortably

– The spring knob  mounted below the seat wheel controls the recline of the back, depending on the weight of the body, by performing a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation.

– VFT89 headrest pillow covered with stretch mesh fabric to help support the cervical vertebrae, and the occupant can adjust the height – low of the pillow Chair leg
: 5-star swivel foot is made from monolithic molded pp plastic, ensuring say for sure

The rubber wheels move quickly without making noise.

Ergonomic Chair VFT89

Ergonomic Chair VFT89

User Manual VFT89

– How to adjust the height and low of the office swivel chair : You just need to gently push the lever below the seat cushion, located on the right hip of the chair. When you need to raise the chair, you need to stand or get off the seat cushion, hold the lever with your hand and push it up. When you reach the desired height, release your arms and the chair will stay at that height.

– Adjusting to lower the swivel chair : You just need to sit still on the chair and use your hand to turn the lever, then pull the lever up towards the seat cushion, until you reach your desired level, then release your hand. Because the swivel chair lowers the height, it will follow the mechanism of using the body’s weight to press down.

– Adjustment of Relaxing Recline : You just need to lean back on the chair and use your hand to turn the lever, then pull the rear lever up towards the seat cushion until you reach the desired recline, then stop, and pull the footrest under the mattress chair and enjoy

Ergonomic Chair VFT89

Ergonomic Chair VFT89

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