• Desk VIXHBMC026

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Mconcept 2 parallel cluster table 60x240cm VIXHBMC026 is  more economical than 2 single tables with 3-pillar system Mconcept assembled with high-quality powder-coated mounts combined with 17mm thick AA standard rubber wood table top, painted Pu more perfect other types of industrial wood, not afraid of water and not peeling with 5 colors to choose from, model cluster 2 size 60x240cm parallel sitting style

The solution of a 2-seater cluster table in parallel saves not only costs but also saves space for a more open sitting space, each person uses enough 60x120cm of very convenient table top, legs assembled in series with 3 pillar and 4 connecting rods are very solid. Table legs use iron box 25x50mm and iron box 50x50mm 1.2mm thick, very durable, add high quality powder coating for high-class table system used for a very long time


Warranty period 10 years, use time 25 years
Warranty for all defects caused by engineering – technology – production materials in the following cases:
– Self-warping, shrinking, dislocating, squeaking and changing color
– Note:
+ Do not let sharp objects drag on the floor
+ Do not immerse in water, can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Technical Specifications
  • Product code: VIXHBMC026
  • Instructions for use: desk, office desk
  • Material: Rubber wood, assembled iron frame
  • Dimensions(D x R x C): 240x60x75cm
  • Color: Natural wood color or PU color on request, white or black powder-coated iron frame
  • Warranty: 24 Months