Vixfurniture was established in October 2016, is a branch of Dvhgroup Company and Gia Phong Company was established on September 6, 2013.

  a hoat enterprise in the field of specialized interior, production in many types of furniture, furniture, interior office design, interior furniture

With seasoned staff, professional style of work, high – tech, always creative, hard – to – learn, vixfurniture, vixfurniture co., which is always proud to give customers the highest quality furniture, the process of fast transportation, and a lot of incentives to meet the needs of the customers.

With the accumulated experience, we will always be traveling with the customers to bring a comfortable living space, the most stylish interior space.

The main product lines of the vixfurniture furniture


  • Office desk 
  • office chair
  • The module of the office of the office, the partition wall is designed according to the specific area and characteristics.
  •  Family furniture, leather sofa, …
  • Public utility furniture: lounge seats, stadium seats, … 
  • School furniture: school table from kindergarten to university, library of letters, …
  • The furniture imported with the lines and the seats imported by itself.
  • Office partition: partition wall, wood partition, fedora, …

The design of office furniture with drawings designed according to the request from the customer.

Vixfurniture’ s mission is to keep improving the quality of products, improving machinery and equipment for the best productivity and making the most effective options in providing construction – based construction solutions to the international standards of furniture, which provides comfort, increasing productivity, ensuring the health.

Through products Vixfurniture to provide customers, we expect that our customers will get the most amazing experiences with high – quality products and provide a modern working space and comfortable with the latest interior trends to improve productivity, efficiency in the increasingly competitive work.

The constant development of the entire corporate group, now products of brand Vixfurniture has been distributed in more than 80 agents across the country to provide the product in a timely and consistent manner that meets the needs of customers’ day – to – day increases with hundreds of office models and a diverse variety of products and types of products.

Vixfurniture motto


With the motto ‘ cooperation to succeed’ Our vix will always be accompanied by customers, always listening, analyzing every customer needs. In order to get from there to experience, our skills, our thinking to take the optimal solution. Because each customer is a brick brick, the value of the company’ s brand. The vix is constantly improving, developing, improving itself so that customers always trust the quality of each product.